CD-ROM Brazilloops

cdblue495 Sounds

Want to play all the Brazilloops instruments by yourself? Or, let’s say, download it in a sampler or virtual drum machine player and start to jam? This is the solution: the CD-Rom Wave Collection!

Included are all the instruments sounds designed to play in any sampler or VST machine which accepts wave sounds format, like IDrum,  Battery, Redrun, Nerve or any other alike VST or hardware drum sample machine!

495…yes! 495 samples of different instruments like Agogos, Snares, Bass Drums, Atabaques, Berimbaus, Alfaia, Apitos, Bongos, Bumbos, Caixas, Cajon, Caxixis, Chucalhos, Claves, Congas, Cuicas, Djembes, Cowbels, Pandeiros, Repiniques, Shakers, Surdos, Tamborim, Timbals, Triangulo, Tumba, Zabumbas…uff…and so on!

Create your custom pattern and fill it with your drum kit from above, create some custom samba or bossa nova beats, apply some filters, edit the waves and “electricsize” it with your coolest experimental grooves you can ever dream!

Download for just $74.99

Now 50% off! Enjoy!

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