Flamenco is a genre of music and dance with roots of Indian, Arabic and Spanish cultures which originated in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia in the 18th century. It’s a high expressive dance characterized by hand clapping, percussive footwork, and intricated hand, arm, and body movements. Brazillops latest masterpiece “Flamenco” brings you intense instrumental percussion arrangements bringing a Spanish twist to any other project you’re working on! Skilfully recorded and composed by Brazilloops’ top percussionists, this dramatic pack comes ready arranged into easy-to-scroll Rumba Flamenca, Flamenco-Arab and “Bulerias” composite styles with lots and lots of  extreme high quality sounding exotic scales of tablas, claps, cajons, tumbadora, buleria, caxixi, arab palma, chico percussion, cascara, bongo, castanheras and more!

Get ready for Flamenco red carpet ride and expose yourself to sensual rhythms right out of a steamy flavor of Spain!


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