iRap Voice Recorder Android


Suddenly got a new idea? New rhymes came over? Jump start your creativity with i-Rap voice recorder.
iRap is a simple voice recorder that will mix your rap lyrics with any 11 pre-loaded beats. Just get your beat, press record and start to rap instantly your idea over the phone.
You can save it and share with friends through your social apps for any beat battle that might come in your way!
Very easy and fun to play with.

Download it at GooglePlay!

-Choose your beat moving up or down the picker. To listening it press “Beat” button.
-Record your voice over the desired beat pressing “Record”, then press “Stop” when finishing recording.
-Press “Play” to hear what you recorded mixed with the background beat.

Saving and share:
-Press “Save” to save your last recorded mix.
-Press “Share” to share your last mix to e-mail or social messaging app.
-Press “List” if you want to see all the recorded mixes in your device. From there you can listen, share or delete any previous saved mix.
Also you can manage your mixes with any file browser installed in your device. The mixes will be found at SD card/Saved Rap.


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