Maracatu is a term common to two distinct performance genres found in Pernambuco state in northeastern Brazil: maracatu de nação and maracatu rural. A third style, maracatu cearense is found in Fortaleza, in the norteastern state of Ceara. origins lie in the investiture ceremonies of the Reis do Congo (Kings of Congo), who were Slaves that occupied leadership roles within the slave community. When slavery was abolished in Brazil in 1888, the institution of the Kings of Congo ceased to exist. Nonetheless, nações continued to choose symbolic leaders and evoke coronation ceremonies for those leaders. Although a maracatu performance is secular, traditional nações are grouped around Candomble or Jurema (Afro-Brazilian religions) terreiros (bases) and the principles of Candomblé infuse their activities and portrays unforgettable experience of typical northeast Brazilian culture.

An impressive array of styles are showcased here with 6 Maracatu lively recorded Maracatu beats, each with own separated tracks with the best and Brazilian genuine hand made instruments.
Also included are Maracatu-funk  to add full integration with your favorite dance mix. This evocative song writing package faithfully captures the true warmth, passion and timeless sound of the traditional Maracatu style, and can be used to add a Brazilian twist to your modern music productions. And don’t forget, everything recorded with the utmost professional studio quality!



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